Population: 21.355.849

Surface: 238 391 km²

Organisation: 41 Counties

National Day: 1 december – 1918

Life expectancy: 72.18 years

Health System: Good services and very cheap. Foreigners require a travel insurance.

Safety: One of the safest countries of Europe, there are no fire arms attacks

Foreign Languages: Most of romanians understand english. Italian and spanish are as well very used 


Currency: Leu (Lion) - lei (1Euro / 4.5RON)
Economy - milions: 189,638 billions US dollars (2013)
Medium salary-net: 2090 RON - 466 EUR (1 Euro - 4.5 RON) sep. 2016
Taxes: 20% TVA + 16% Profit Tax


National Poet: Mihai Eminescu

National Artist: Constantin Brancusi

National History Figure: Michael the Brave

Religion:  Christians Ortodox (Greece, Russia) over 85% *


Transport: Lack of highways.

The public transport is very cheap, around 0,50 Euro cents(2RON) – 1 way

The most used transport in Romania between regions is Maxi-Taxi(mini-Bus/Sprinter) or Coach Bus

Subway: Bucharest


Each city has a “bazar” and in the big cities you will find at least one Mall(big shopping center)
Most of the BIG brands are here
Shops are usually open from 7 – 22, most of them 7 days/week
Markets are open daily (big traffic is in week-ends) and they provide from fresh fruits and veggies to meat and kitchen utensils


Favourite sports: Football, handball, tennis

Each city has  football fields, but few tennis courts, fewer swimming pools

The National Football Team games are the most important events of the year

Favourite football teams:   – Rapid , DinamoSteaua (all Bucharest) – ACS Poli Timisoara, – CFR Cluj,  – Petrolul Ploiesti


Grades : 1-10 where 4 is failing and 5 is SURVIVING and 10 is THE BEST

Educational stages:   1-3yrs. home/nursery

  •    3-6yrs. kindergarten,
  •    6-7yrs. preparatory class
  •    7-11yrs. primary class,
  •    11-15yrs. gymnasium,
  •    15-19yrs high-school
  •    universities 3yrs. + 1yr. master

The state educational system  is still the first choice of romanians.

The universities are still very good and appreciated abroad.

Famous universities:  ASELAW Univ BucharestUMF T.-Mures,Univ. Babes-Bolyai CLujUniv. Alex.I.Cuza Iasi


Foreigners require travel insurance!

The national health system is free and still good(it was better)

Recently the private hospitals and clinics make way.

The dental services are very cheap(cheapest in Europe?) and with good quality.

Best hospitals are in Bucharest,Cluj, Timisoara, T.-Mures, Iasi